Sculptor needs to put a giant blob up in the sky!

Would you be interested in donating your time to an art project that will be built and prominently displayed in Los Angeles? We are seeking an expert in Blender fluids rendering to help with a new sculpture destined for permanent public installation in Los Angeles. You can see past work by the artist as well as information on the current work in progress here: This will be a large scale sculpture on the facade of a building, apparently dripping down the surface. We would like to experiment with using fluid simulations to assist in forming the sculpture – playing with viscosity, surface tension, etc, to develop an interesting and unique form. But we need help from you to make this dream a reality.

Please respond to [email protected]

why don’t you show some pics to get an idea of what is involved !

then it will determined what has to be done with fluid sim in blender!
or at least give an idea !

and why do you wont to play with viscosity
i mean if it is going to be water then it’s predetermined !
unless you need other type of liquid ?

i mean your not giving much info here!

happy blendering

Oops - I posted the link to the website but not to the exact section with info in the piece. Here is a more direct link:

Oops - I posted the link to the website but not to the exact section with info in the piece. Here is a more direct link:

Sounds cool, and I wish I had time to get involved, but best of luck!

you might want to start here:

and here:

that should be enough to get started I think.

Honestly it might be easier to just model the thing by hand using sculpt mode though.

so do you still need to model it with fluid sim or just do one model using sculpt mode ?

if with fluid then simply add the basic shape for the fence as an obstacle
and add some fluid then run fluid to see results!

but may need to increase the viscosity as you said cause it looks like molasse or may be ketchup!LOL

happy 2.6

How much money are you getting from the city of Santa Monica to do this?

so, your being paid/commissioned to do a massive sculpture?
good stuff :slight_smile:
how much to do the fluid sim?
I mean, your getting paid & your using free software & now you want someone to create the sculpture design for you for free too?
Can I have your job?

Sure you can. Start applying for grants.

good idea :slight_smile:

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for the suggestions.

Regarding people’s concerns about money – we are hoping that someone might be interested in helping us out pro-bono (or nearly pro-bono) as we are already stretching our budget to the limit. I would be happy to talk over possible terms with anyone who is seriously interested in helping out. Maybe we can offer enough money to make it worth it to you as a purely commercial venture – but I suspect we would not. So mostly, we are looking for someone who would be excited about helping because they think the artistic idea is interesting, and would enjoy being a part of it, and seeing something they help model made into reality. If we can’t find such a person, we’ll probably just use the existing design. But we are curious to see if there are like-minded individuals who wanted to help out.


I would be excited about helping, I think the artistic idea is interesting, I would enjoy being a part of it, and would love to see my model made into reality.

Can you tell us what it is you don’t like about the existing design, and what changes you would like to see made to it? Do you want to create a fluid sim just to make it look more natural, or is it to introduce some randomness to the shape?

I wouldn’t describe myself as an expert in Blender fluids rendering, but my portfolio is here:-
http://stoneage dot cgsociety dot org/gallery/