Sculptris acquired by Pixologic

Grats to Thomas. He deserves it! Amazing business model - make something awesome, give it away for free, Profit!


That sucks.

…about him moving to California I mean.

I wonder if it will be as inspiring to have to do it for money as it was to do it because he could? :wink:

Great for him, Sucks for the rest of us, who now loose out on a free sculpting program. I highly doubt that Pixologic will be allowing him to develop a pretty good sculpting program that ‘competes’ with Z-Brush and give it away for free.

Now, is gonna pay for that ??

You mean if he would like to get paid for doing something he (presumably) enjoys instead of being a code monkey full time and only working on the fun stuff in his spare time?

Maybe he did it ‘because he could’ so he could eventually ‘do it for money’.

I think Thomas never really saw sculptris as a full time job or a thing that would change his life. His main goal was to make a cool little program and move on. I’m pretty sure he never intended to really update or maintain it. It’s actually quite possible that by being bought by zbrush we will see a lot more development to the tool.

Well according to him his goal was not to finish it without any payment.

Makes perfectly sense.

R.I.P Sculptris.

Well be prepared to have to pay $1,000 for it. Thanks a lot, Pixologic.

@UE, could be either way, who knows? We will see in about 3 years :wink:

I’m not sure whether to rejoice or cry here. This will certainly mean either a very limited development of a free Sculptris or a highly developed version of it which will no longer be free.

I can’t really say I didn’t see this coming though and tbh, a version of Zbrush with the features of Sculptris wouldn’t be so bad.

Bah, who cares? Blender has some competent, visionary devs in the sculpt area, it will be great in time, no worries.

lol. fun’s over. it was good while it lasted.

Blender much? Why so much concern over this as being a bad thing? I say congratulations to him. It’s really a great success story about following your dreams. Do something you love with excellence and the rest will follow.

What are you talking about? I would call it an “amazing business model” if he actually released the source code under a free license. How many people used us, the Blender community, as a stepping stone? I’m sure you all know some examples.

good for him. great inspiration, a good example of how you can make profit out of a hobby. I mean, who would turn down a job where you get paid to do something you already do for free?

Well, doesn’t blender soon offer something similar?

I tested the sculpt in 2.53 and the resolution density is still an issue.

BTW most sculpting apps in the past got bought.

Good for him, he deserves it.

And what is all this RIP sculptris crap?

The program was never free to begin with, it was donation ware. And Sculptris 1.02 is still free and not going anywhere. It’s no less useful now than it was yesterday.