Sculptris help

Whenever I try to import an obj into sculptris i get this error “Too many triangles connected to an edge” How can I fix this?

import the object into blender, tab into edit mode, select all, then remove doubles. Then re export

already tried that

hmm post a .blend? Ill look at it and try to import it into my sculptris, and if I find a way to fix it ill let you know

It turned out I had a non-manifold mesh (i.e. a edge had three or more polygons associated with it) when I got your error. To check this, apply the decimate modifier to your object in question. The modifier will error if it is non-manifold, and will say as much.

Once this is established, you can select the non-manifold bits with select->select non-manifold. You can delete the offending bits, then be on your way :slight_smile:

In depth step-by-step here:

helicopter.blend (532 KB)

here is the blend file

the non manifold thing is your exact problem, follow his advise and it should fix itself
althouhg I dont know where to go to select non manifold

i did this over and over for about an hour, i did everything the tutorial said to do but never worked

well, i dont have any way of fixing it other than what the person above said. It works fine for me now

could you post the obj

yeah ill try but my computer for some reason doesnt want to post to sites right now. but alright :smiley:

its not posting…

did u actually get it into sculptris because I fixed all the non manifolds and its still not working

yeah, but I cant post it, for some odd reason I cant post .blend files

finally i fixed it
the answer was pretty obvious, i don’t know how i didn’t figure it out before
there were too many edges connected to one vertex
i used the decimate modifier and it fixed it
so happy I can finally keep working on my model

Triangulate before Obj-export!!!
This should help!

Triangulate can’t solve the problem in the case of this thread, because it’s linked to a problem that crashed everytime upon importing in Sculptris , when you have many edges sharing the same vertices, like this :

Disapointingly this has not been fixed in Alpha 6, though the crash is replaced by an error message as mentionned in the 1st post of this thread and you can’t import such model.

Basically when you have a model in this situation (“Too many triangles connected to an edge”) , a solution is to delete the shared vertice and filling the hole :

Then it can be imported in Sculptris without error or crash (though remember to CTRL+N to recalculate the normals as sometime when you fill in Blender have inverted normals).

I hope this will get a fix in future update of Sculptris, if there’s any.

the way i fixed it was using a decimate modifier and setting the ratio to .5 then adding a subsurf modifier