Sculptris like feature prototype in Blender (Farsthary)

Hi artists! :smiley:

Well, this is another code surprise I have prepared for the community … :evilgrin:

I fell in love with 3D Coat Voxel Sculptig and with Sculptris dynamic
tesselllation on the fly , both approaches , although very different
under the hood tackle the same problem: artistic freedom and unlimited
clay, in both features there’s no need to worry for polygon stretching
while you sculpt!

Some time ago I have contacted the developer of Sculptris hoping for
hints or help to implement that on Blender, sadly he has not the time to
do that.
but anyway, I like challenges and having in my mind the goal, the path
will be revealed :wink:

But few days ago with the revival of the Sculptris interest I decided to
push myself a little and at least implement a basic working prototype,
but the results although still is not ready for production and I’m sure
is not optimally implemented, has surpassed my initial expectations for
the first iteration.

Since Mesh/Sculpting is not my main field rigth now, I would preciate the
further help of experienced devs on this are to make a decent/production
ready implemetation of this very useful tool.

I have sended to Lapinou a video showing it in action, so he will update
soon my blog.

      Keep in touch , I'm very excited about it and can't stop playing

with it.

warning: it lacks currently a lot of functionality and is not a Sculptris
competitor, but every plant start as a seed :wink:

                                      Cheers  Farsthary

I struggle to find words - I’m just sitting here trying to pick up my jaw…

seems like a new wave of love from the community will reach Farstary… :wink:

How will this work? Are you adding a new modifier?


No, currently is in the brush code itself, is a brush feature to allow on the fly subdivissions or not. When the video in my site is ready you will undertand better.
I still need to research further in this field :slight_smile:

Cool! Farsthary has become my favourite Blender dev. xP Always popping out new features I’ve been hoping for.

Btw. It should also divide those “long”/stretched polygons into small square ones as well. (Now it causes some heavy shading issues.)

Too awesome farsthary :smiley:

Farsthary, can I marry you? No seriously, especially because I am learning sculpting at the moment (only analog, not digital) I am very excited to see your dynamic subdivision work! I hope that if the GSoC with Quad Remeshing will be successful, that I will be able to dive into the Blender sculpting world and experience a very fluid and real feeling sculpting workflow. I personally think you are the greatest! We should make you one biiig cake or something similar to show our gratitude to you ;)!!!

Lots of goodies seem to be coming into Blender.

BUT nothing gets finished.

When can we have Bmesh, at least?

WOW . … WOW :eek: . dude… you are amazing . I hope this gets into the trunk as soon as the devs get some time to go through it …

Farsthary for PRESIDENT! :smiley:

Seriously, you’re becoming my favourite coder, you’re a CODING MANIAC!
That feature will be VERY useful as it makes it possible to make clean models
on the fly without adding un-used detail to areas that doesn’t need it.

EXCELLENT Farsthary, this is a WONDERFUL thing!


This feature will totally rocks!, I missed the sculpt power of other tools as sculptris, 3d coat, zbrush, but let’s see what can you bring us, excellent work.

Wouldn’t this thing argue with the multires modifier?
Its actually pretty cool, that blender will have both methods of sculpting detale.
Don’t forget to add a “remove detail” thing.

I think that we all love Farsthary! He is really special in this community, he is like kind of bridge between artists and coders. Artists always want some cool but not an easy to make feature… and there we have this super enthusiastic Farsthary who make just that, working prototype of the cool feature which is usually just intriguing and good enough for heavy weight Blender coders to accept it in a branch… Yeah, and they keep us all happy! \o/

by the way farsthary… are you planning to finish the fluid mesh generator?

by the way SamCameron… do you have something to show with a current implemented fluid generator? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes my friend, In my todo I have room for this side developments that will be highly appreciated I hope (as SPH particles), relax, I need also to finish the particle fluid documentation if my connection allows me to.
I have the feeling that particle fluids are not very well understanded yet (due to the lack of documentation, my fault) so is not.

Exiting times awaits me :slight_smile:

Are you farsthary??? so there’s nothing to do with you.

Thanks for the info Raul.

Ah, a tourist…
Firstly you’re complaining to the wrong guy, and secondly don’t be so rude.

Nice one Farsthary! You’re a legend!

I think a few of the summer of code peeps are working on multires and sculpting, maybe you should talk to them to make sure you don’t step on each others toes?