Sculptris mesh retologied in 3D-Coat can't open in Blender 2.5.8

Hi everybody.

This my test : one mesh with voltex in Sculptris -> exported as .obj.

Imported for retopo in 3D-Coat -> Autoretopo in 3D-Coat with some manual lines to help it. Seems OK ->exported as mesh from 3D-Coat

When I import it in Blender 5.2.8 I have this error :

What could be wrong ?

Thank you so much.

It’s not the first time i read on this forum about Blender not able to import some .obj
The solution in this case is to open your .obj with the free meshlab , and Save it in .obj

Blender will then be able to import it.

Your linked obj seems to import fine for me. I’m using 2.58a on OSX


untitled.blend (156 KB)

Just gave a try.

On Blender 2.58 it does not import
On Blender 2.58a indeed it does

So ditch 2.58 and get 2.58a on

eheh thank you for the tests. I have downloaded meshlab but it recreates all triangles from my quads immediately on import :frowning:

By the way we are here, does anyone could guide me a little on retopo under Blender. I have asked a question in this thread :