sculptris UV import

I really like sculptris and want to use it to make normal/bump maps. But somehow the UVs of my model don’t survive, when I import it in sculptris… Is there a way to solve this? (Or a workaround)

Here’s how i do.

By example i modelled and sculpted head in Blender, i quickly unwrap it like this :

I export it as an OBJ without needing to triangulate.

Then i import it in Sculptris , as it has an UV, Sculptris asks me if i want to go to Paint mode directly, i confirm as going in Sculpt mode would delete the UV i setup in Blender.

I select the size of the texture (use at minimum 1024 , as 512 would be too small and would result in some blurry painting, though it’s better to use 2048 or in the previous version of Sculptris 4096)

I then quickly paint it

And once finished, i click on the “Save Texmap” to save the texture, and it saved it according to my UV :

Thanks for the reply.
That’s all very nice, but I want to sculpt on my model to bake normal/bump maps, so I need sculpt mode.

That’s how Sculptris work.

:frowning: that means I can’t use it how I wanted… too bad.

Meanwhile, as an alternative :

  • make a copy of your model
  • import that copy into Sculptris and sculpt the details you need and want on it, don’t worry that it breaks the UV
  • once done export the sculpt piece to OBJ.
  • load your original unsculpted model in Blender, import the sculpted piece, make sure both models are in the same location
  • you can now bake the normals and AO from the sculpted piece to your original model (that keeps the UV).