Sculpts studies

Here is a sculpt I did. I tried to replicate Apollo sculpture (Greek god) by Michelangelo.
I`m still practicing this so the proportions and all the anatomy are not perfect…
300 samples - cycles


Good work, I like it :slight_smile: you may want to work more on texture. I like the dirt aspect of it but not the other color. And some AO will be good as well :wink:

good work, and a difficult pose. did you sculpt in pose, or did you sculpt in t-pose and used bones to pose after sculpting? (i would guess you sculpted in pose…) yes the shader is a little distracting, too much pattern in the marble,promising sculpture, you could push it further if you like to, the foundation is solid…

Thank you doris, and yes, I sculpted it in pose. I agree with the shader…
Ill not continue it though.. I did some drawing practice lately so I just wanted to 'transfer' that new knowledge into 3d (more like a doodle sculpt). Still not too good but its the way to go…
Hard pose indeed, that arm will never look right like in the real reference no matter how much I tweak it…
I now realise how hard it was for those big artists to learn all this anatomy and proportions…

yes, good point about going on, alin, you will take with you for the next sculpt what you learned from this one … oh, and they carved in stone, so had no undo, like we have… lol…

looking nice your sculpting, if you further refines it will be perfect your character :]

I love the way you sculpted it. Good approach!
I also like the texturing. Aged marbles often look like this. On the other hand, it is the glossy that looks wrong. On such marbles.
The bump on the glossyBSDF then.

Good i love sculpting , may i ask for the texture how u made it , i rally need to know cause i am working on a sculpt but didn’t found any good tutorial for the texture , if u know one please tell me .

Sure man, here is the node:

Here is the texture:

hell yeah i just like it

he he
But… when I said aged marble, I didn’t expect to see “my” aged marble texture. Captured directly in the National archeological museum - athens. Don’t expect much glossy or SSS on such materials.

Ohh… you got me michalis… XD
Good eye indeed. Thats the texture I took from you. You shared it with us ones. What a nice story it has lol. I never thought its really your texture lol. (that you took) I have to go to Athens someday…
You are right about the glossy, it may be too much. I was really unsure about the SSS though how much to use it…I finally decided to don`t use sss at all … because I wanted fast renders with gpu so instead I got away with translucent…
This was never meant to be a 5 star render anyway… as I said before, I just added a fast material and lighting to show off some anatomy doodle. :smiley:
But hey, thanks for your support guys!