Sculpttraining (30+ days)

I want to start a personal challenge, where i take 10 - 20 minutes everyday and sculpt whatever come into my mind. If you want take a look and give me a short feedback which parts, i need to improve.

Thank you!

Starting with Day 1:
[20 min; EEVEE; Blender 2.8]
(turns out to represent kind of a human)

Day 2: 31.03.2019
[15 min; EEVEE; Blender 2.8]
(wanted to to do a skull :confused: )

Day 3: 01.04.2019
[15 min; EEVEE; Blender 2.8]
(for today i picked a nose :wink:)

I think you should rethink your material choice for this practice, unless what you use for sculpting is different than what you render/take a screenshot with.

It’s only for rendering, to make it look more interesting, for sculpting I use this waxy red matcap

How do like my renders until now?
Don’t hesitate to be honest

Day 4:
[20 min; EEVEE; Blender 2.8]
(upper skinny male body, i really need anatomy feedback :zipper_mouth_face:)

[20 min; EEVEE; Blender 2.8]
(played a bit with shapes)

To be honest, I doubt that it helps to see your mistakes. If I were you I would use one that would let me see my mistakes better.

I’m relative new to blender and this forum, so I would appreciate a further explanation ::sweat_smile:

[20 min; EEVEE, Blender 2.8]
(obviously (hopefully) an eye)