sculpture_a portrait

Just a portrait of a fisherman. BI render using matcap. Sculpted in 3DCoat(topo), zbrush blender. Imported as a multires model, normals for details, no displacement. A 4k base model (+4K for the shirt).


Amazing portrait! Love how you did the eyes and hair. :slight_smile:

I love it. You’ve really created the feel of a sculpture or statue, not just through materials but through modeling as well. The hair stands out as excellent control of style.

Thank you. This king of hair is easy via topology, there’s a trick.
@Sick, eyes? what eyes? LOL
Another one using different normal map. We always create normals to catch some details from the higher res model. I’m not sure if this is the right choice.


oops, sorry, should have explained it better…I mean the area around the eyes…I can see there’s no eyes in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow this is really good. Some finer high res wrinkles would take it even further. Put it’s still good as is.

The material and lighting looks great as well!

From a realism point of view I agree, but on the other hand, the material michalis has chosen seems like it would not support such high detail (or stylistically the artist would not use that much detail on a real sculpture) – so in a way I disagree!

@michalis: You say “This king of hair is easy via topology, there’s a trick.” Those nice defined edges do look hard to achieve on a basic grid without going high res. Care to share? I would love to hear your technique.

always good to see new stuff from you!
very nice work :slight_smile:

Some finer high res wrinkles would take it even further.

Or some less, LOL, I know what you mean, I just tried a lower res version here.
Thank you all for you kind words. @ redbyte @ blenditall @ sick @ Jeepster (any news from the Hades project?)

A question: I’m a bit confused about how normals look in blender. (tangent mode). In some areas they look as inverted. Its an one island UV (head) tried 2.49b and 2.5.2

About the hair. Here’s a small tutorial, its for zbrush but works on all surface sculpt apps. It works fine in blender. The use of move tool.
About multi res import from zbrush this one.

did you uncheck double sided? it should show normal issues then

did you uncheck double sided? it should show normal issues then

This is not the case, I always check this, though it never happens with this kind of workflow.

Update: normals were OK, the bump of diffuse texture did it, dark colors go deeper using negative values (v2.5.2). This is a simple marble tex, the mesh is at 25k poly +nor_map (each) I also tested some marble SSS, I hope its not so bad to post it here. In tests topic it isn’t so helpful these days.:confused:


That looks good the best marble material that I have seen in Blender. You are edging towards the real thing. It would be interesting to compare it with some photos of real marble.

Thanks tyrant monkey, blender SSS makes me loose my temper. :yes:
I’ll master it in one way or another. Real marble (aged, in museums) is more difficult than human skin I’m afraid. But thats OK, here is a semi skin semi marble thing, its funny but I like it. Most of PP via nodes, resize and some levels in ps.