Sculpture based on Portrait Dora Maar Painting (Picasso, 1954)

Original painting:

3D printed model:


Nice work Efejota. Much appreciated.
This project interests on many levels, right through to printing.

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Thanks a lot Steve for appreciating this piece! BTW here you have the Sculpting Timelapse video I made for this piece with more photos of the 3D printed model.

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Well, an absolute tour de force on Blender. Learnt a lot from the video.
Many thanks for posting it.

The skull motif was never far away with Picasso.
If it loads, this piece is fully 3D. Thought it might interest.


Nice, I like the 3d printed one because the printing adds some extra texture.

Thanks a lot. I’m glad that the timelapse has been useful to you. And thanks for the nice words.

Thank you also for sharing this piece, it is quite interesting too.

Thank you. Exactly, with UV texturing you can get different finishes such as wood for example. For future prints I will use it to give it even more texture. But with the own texture result of the 3d printing it already looks good.

Seeing Picasso’s groundbreaking work of 2 gymnasiums in 3 dimensions is from another dimension. congratulations

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Thanks a lot! I’m glad that you liked it.

Haha beautiful. Keep up the good work! Btw what’s the sound from?

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Thank you. The music is from a piece I made called YouTube Launchpad.