Sculpture+cycles tests

Another cycles thread, combining sculpting or importing methods and cycles.
For the moment there’re some issues on displacement modifier, normal maps aren’t supported, what about the cycles bumps support? On the other hand, cycles can render lot of poly - how many indeed? Questions like these. Please, feel free to post your sculpting tests and doodles here. Just trying to start another thread :eyebrowlift:

  1. Sculptris import at ~120 k tri mesh. No textures or bumps. Placed inside a cube, two emitters only. 8-25 bounces, 500 passes, 10 min at 1200x1200 no cuda. Kodakchrome200, exposure ~0.8

  1. Blender sculpting doodle, ~150k, UV texture used for bumps too (BW and multiplied), a ground and wall, environment skytex lighting + 2 emitters, 2-7 bounces, 200 passes, 1200x1200 2 min, no cuda. Kodakchrome200

Some difficulties with dropbox? :stuck_out_tongue: who knows… here the attachments

Very good pictures! This Cycles is indispensable for Blender!

None problem with Dropbox but nothings is visible on my chrome (from France): just a little white square. Now with Blenderartist attachments, it’s ok!

Edit2: I have installed Dropbox and always the same things on this page! Happy there are the BA attachments!
The problem is not from Dropbox. You must say you use this shareware on your message, I don’t guess…

I can see them, very good lightning. It is interesting to see that your results are clean after 200pases, while mine are noisy after 500, but mabye because i use glossy reflections.

“but mabye because i use glossy reflections.”

of course Jose. It happens to me as well. To construct a metal shader is a PITA and takes … if 500 aren’t enough then 2000 or 8000 are the next options. Unfortunately. Some clever solution is needed here.

@Spirou4D , I also included blenderartists uploader attachments just in case.

Nice work michalis!!!

@crazycourier, its cycles, not me LOL. At last. Please post your doodles here, Lets have some fun.
No need to use reflections as cycles is in alpha stage, its this magical light that matters. The cleaner the shapes are, the better it looks. Real sculpture means “light” IMO, Jose and I, had some interesting discussion on this.
Less words, more sculpts and tests.

A workaround to add a texture image for controlling a displacement modifier is as follows:

  1. For the object, open up a new material slot
  2. Switch context to Blender Render
  3. With the material slot selected, open texture panel
  4. Select image texture and open it up
  5. Switch back to Cycles Render

Now you can add a displacement modifier and reference the texture that you just added.

Unfortunately, both the render and the 3D (RT render) use the value of the View Subdivisions at this time.

jrboddie1, I already tried this. Its the only way. But its not so simple. Some more issues here. Lets post doodles here, I insist. lol

Thanks for the invite Michalis!

I guess people are sick of this model by now… will post more stuff later on!##

I guess people are sick of this model by now

But I’m not, it’s a nice composition, too much aberration, bye a better lenses. Great sculpting!
Passes, lighting, displacement ? Bumps are excellent but nor_maps are better imo. Waiting, patience…

Thanks dude,

There’s a course displacement map and as you guessed a lot of bumps…
I don’t remember how many passes the dragon was ~300 I think lighting was a big area quad above and a second smaller bluish one to the side

material on the dragon has a colour map and is a blend of glossy and diffuse closures based on fresnel…

This next is around 315 passes… could’ve done with more! (took only around 6 minutes on my laptop (96 cuda cores).
just a little glare in post and a slight vignette…
[email protected] 1280x720… then cropped for here…

Gooood, I’m really impressed Michael!!!
Trying to figure out how I can achieve an old bronze effect. I suppose I have to mix a kind of cavity map after some Ps treatment. To be close to some nice zbrush shaders I’ve create (I love them).

Maybe a bump map (for the cavity effect) and then mixing a diffuse with a couple of glossiness passes (different roughness for each)… a rough reddish one and a less rough yellowish one and maybe even a 3rd glossy layer with tight white…

Ooohh, must give that a go!

Mine just crashes :frowning:

a bit more tha a month. I can wait. I want my computer back so I can finally have enough RAM to handle it. 2GB just does NOT do the job. (core 2 duo doesn’t help either…)

I managed to get a little bit into opening and changing materials, but once I went up to level 5 multires, it was all over.
Shame too, I wanted to show off my Old Roman Alien sculpt I have been working on. (Yes, that came out right. Old Roman Aliens FTW)

Some great tests here. Mixing some of my favorite aspects of Blender together. Sculpting (although not…perfect…) and CYCLES!
Love the sheer ability with Material nodes. And the differences that it makes to work is huge. It is just awesome.

BTW nice ones there MichaelW, well done with the materials there.

Another 3dcoat-sculptris 15 mins doodle. Voxels dropped to dynamic tessellation. Counts ~50k poly.
About reflective materials, I played with the cube-room dimensions and mixed two materials, one as reflective. Roughness at 0.200, fresnel at 0.7. ~3 min, render time - 200 passes. I also tested a cuda build. But the two xeon nehalem are 2x faster. Not a good nvidia anyway.

Increasing samples, many ways to do but here I’m using a reflector (simple white material) behind the emitter.
Render time 40 min with ~800 only samples and still more noisy. The only difference is the smoother more detailed casted shadow on wall.

200 passes? that seems be to look to good, cosnidering you have glossy reflections with high roughness. You sure it isn’t blender internal?

200 passes? that seems be to look to good, cosnidering you have glossy reflections with high roughness. You sure it isn’t blender internal?

Its a little tricky jose. Starting to understand how emitters work, how a room can help,
render times and passes can be dramatically increased with a few changes.

I guess, it is just that you have more samples per pass. So your 200 passes != my 200 passes.

max bounces 3-9 , 1200 px, see the updated post.
The material and lighting setup

when I use displacement bumps I get really ugly lines on my mesh from the UV. How can I stop that from happening?