Sculpture for drawing exercise?

I am studying drawing in my spare time. Here in a small town in Indiana, how can I get a sculpture ( e.g. a Greek head ) with a reasonable price? Any info is appreciated.

I’d say the internet would be the best way to go…

Though to be honest, I dont really know…

another really good way to study light and shadow (I’m just guessing that that’s the goal with the sculpture drawing… it usually is) is to find photos on the internet of sculptures. You could also go to a book store and look for those giant-sized coffee table books they often sell at really low discount prices, and just find some of those on like Greece or old ruins or castles. Often those books will have some really nice photos of sculptures and buildings where there’s not a lot of different colors going on, and are shot usually with really nice natural light. And the size of the book allows for some really huge images to practice on.

I know how difficult it is to learn this crap without having an art supply store nearby. Something else you could try, if you have a lot of free time or you’re desperate to get something you can light yourself, would be to buy some plaster of paris and then get some of those corny plastic molds you can get sometimes at stores for making home-made chocolates and stuff. They will often have funny little faces that look decent when made with the plaster, and it’s better than nothing. Basically, anything you can find to copy that’s been printed in black and white is a good way to go, and there are tons of examples of that sort of stuff on the internet.

But yeah, if you have to have some of the art supply store heads and stuff, you can either buy them online OR sometimes you can get them as molds (so the plaster of paris trick could be useful there too).

check your local thrift store. often they have lots of interesting things for only a few bucks.