sculpture garden

Hi. I have a small project for a client, who is a sculpture, and I was tasked to visualize a proposal he wants to make of urban sculpture gardens. It needs to be through a child’s perspective and at the same time not look menacing.

I have a some time to tinker with it, so I thought I’d post it for critique and suggestions.

I know I have more work to do on the grass. It is the first time I’m using hair in cycles, and I’m not really sure I’m getting the texture right. Also, need to pinpoint the right colors for the spiky thorn thingies. It needs more of candy feel, like you’d want to take a bite off it, despite it being made out of rock.

Anyway, would be happy to hear any thought!

Okay, I’ve played with the grass and added my niece I especially photographed for this image. Next step is to toy with the colors of the thorns. I’m more satisfied with the grass. Does anyone have any good tips for good grass hair shading in cycles?

one more try… :slight_smile:

Changed some color, changed the grass, and added more nieces.

Do you think this looks okay for an “architectural” visualization of sculptures? Any hard criticism?

Nothing I can really see in particular, it just doesn’t feel real, if that’s the style you were going for. It looks neat to me. :yes:

Thank you! No, wasn’t aiming for hyper-realism. It needs to look good and “dreamy” and to convey the sculpture’s message, in hopes of having municipalities purchase this work from him for one of their parks.

Here’s another angle…