Sculpture progress

Hello. It is my second sculpture and first experience in retopology, texturing, hair particles, rigging and clothing. I want to find work sculpturing characters. I need advice how better represent my artworks. Critiques are also desirable.

Also. I’ll be greatfull if give me advice where to start with portfolio. This golf player I’ve made in more than a month. But just sculpture I can make in several days. Is it better to represent in portfolio many different base sculptures, or a few characters with retopo, texture, hair, posing, clothes?

Updated thumbnail. I will post my future sculptures here.

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nice work on the sculpture
the clothing and the main body is amazing, even my sister thought its real .

i cant talk much about the head, as there is no closeup shots to the head, but i think the only thing that might need some improving would be the head,

the great thing is that you rendered your sculpture on a pose which is great for your portfolio ,but you might need to conceder creating a full scene one-day,

and seeking of portfolio,s ,you can start on art-station, its very popular

Thank you. Yes, I think head needs some more work. I’ve just a little tired doing all those things for the first time.))

I’m going to create more art in free time and improve, maybe full scene one day, why not. As for finding first work, are there some principles in creating portfolio or is this is more of personal experiment?)

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will, i think its all about your personal perspective !!!
from my knowledge, your portfolio should be focused on what you like to do, for ex … if you are a sculpture thin focus on sculpting things , if you are a hard-surface modeler, thin focus on thim,

but if you want to work on 3d modeling generally thin you should be doing almost everything .

your portfolio is basically your way of saying to clients, this is what i do

sorry for taking long to replay !!!

Thanks:), so I think I should concentrate on sculpting and see where it leads, but at the same time develop other skills.

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"Instantaneous first-impressions:"

“The pants. No.”

“The bottom taper of the pants.” No.

"Second glances:"

“Both of the arms – no.” _(The arms are inside of the shoulders. And, right-hand is unbelievable.)

Neither leg has an ankle, and the placement of the right foot is backward – the golfer would fall over.

The golfer is supposed to be resting some part of his weight against his golf-club but could not possibly do so.

Sorry …

If only you take care of proportions and gesture… hehehe. this could be sooooo much better if you try to feel the character, the pose, look at that hand and the elvo! don’t you see there is something not right?
keep it going! you are doing great! I feel this is a lot better than the other one.
I supous you are using references, if you are not, you should! it is of the most importance!

Nothing to say sorry for. Thanks for critique. There are slight things that are hard to notice in the beginning.

I’ve based this work on references. Can you point what you see wrong in proportions? As about gesture, is their something more then what sundialsvc4 said?))

I have a question. Can you say. What is better for, for example, creating characters without animation: to sculpt it in final pose from the beginning or sculpt in basic pose and riggify with armature?

I’ve decided first develop sculpture. It is my third sculpt.

Critiques and comments are welcome:)

You are doing great but please please fix that elbow, it is hurting my eyes :wink: I fix the left one so you can see the difference.

What is it with arm? Is it was wrong or is it just looked too tense?

I’ve made another model and tried to change arm pose as you noted. Did I understand you right? Also, check please, are other things with my sculpture right?

Yes you did great! There are a lot of things than can be “more” realistic, but that was hurting my eyes (it is a very paintfull condition to have the elbow like that, medically speaking)
In think you know the anatomy very good now, but you have to take care a bit more about your observational skills. You should look at 3d scans of real people, they will tell you a lot, even if they are pictures of scans.

Cool! Thanks for advice and links.