Sculpture showing up as a cube in edit mode...

Hi, I am in the process of learning the basic capabilities of Blender, and have been practicing with the multiresolution sculpting feature. I would like to paint my finished project, but am unable to proceed with the UV Unwrap, as my sculpture shows up as a cube whenever I am in edit mode. There is no mesh version of my finished sculpture, in other words. Would I have had to utilize mesh modeling in order to be able to see my sculpture in edit mode and unwrap it, or is there a step I overlooked during the sculpting process? Thanks!

Apply your multiresolution modifier in object mode. then you’ll see your sculpted mesh.

Basically, you have just added a multires modifier to a simple cube mesh without alteration, thats why, its not showing in Edit mode.

Its generally good idea to first shape your mesh in edit mode, Smooth it , then add multires modifier for sclupting.

Ah, I figured there was something I was forgetting to do. Thanks!