Sculpturing again ^^

Hi, i looked at a sculturing movie on youtube, and when he made hole on one side, then it came a hole on the other side, probobly at the same point, but on the other side.
How do i do this?

still don’t know why create another thread for that,
the option you seek is located under the ‘shape’ panel under sculpting, and is called ‘symmetry’. Just check X, Y or Z

I have found it, but when i click on y,x,z and then make a hole, nothing happens on any side of the head, only there i pushed.

do anyone know what i do wrong?

that is weird, it should work…

how are you making the hole?

pushing the vertexs to make dint in the mesh


deleting the vertex (this would be done in edit mode not sculpt mode)

if you are deleting the vertex, it is most likely that the video you watched used a mirror modifier

what is the link to the video you are talking about?

I’m in sculp mode, and i click on ‘D’ button, to make the , ok, not hole, but a hollow. and its for the eye of a head, so when i make a hollow on one side, i want to have a exact hollow on the other side, as a eye.

I"m not exactly sure why it isn’t working

what object are you trying to sculpt?

I don’t think symmetry works all that well if you take an object and extrude faces before you start to sculpt

just delete half your mesh and add a mirror modifier (make sure the center of your object is at the point where you want the model to be mirrored)

problem solved

ah, he/she most likely created the object in side view or something so, he/she needs to enable y/z(one out of the two) mirroring instead :slight_smile: