Sculpturing reliefs and zero plane ?


does anybody know what is the best way for sculpturing reliefs with Blender?

The main issue is that blender’s sculpt mode doesn’t have feature of
making flat surface from unflat surface.

Some modeling applications including Artcam have this feature and it’s called
zero plane. Having elastic tool I just move it over the surface that should become
flat. This surface becomes zero plane and absolutely flat.

Blender’s ‘Flatten’ and ‘Smooth’ tools of scult mode can’t flatten surface limited
to one plane. Very sad…

I tried to switch to Edit mode in Blender and scale selected surface to limit axis.
But this is very slow and unconvenient way of making the surface flat.

Any solutions ?

The second question about Layer mode. How can I draw Layer
of given thickness ? Current layers is very thing…


Retopo tool will drop any selected vertices down to a plane (or other surface.)

Not sure what you mean by drawing a layer. Perhaps you are looking for Alt+b?

Retopo will work, but is not easy to work with. Having a new brush type (say ‘Eraser brush’), that can push vertices to a given plane will greately simplify things.

Concerning layer brush. I meant Layer brush is not sensitive enough in sculpt mode. To draw thick layer we need to move several times over the surface. The Strength parameter should affect layer thickness mush greater

Using the sculpt smooth tool in sculpt mode at max power can get pretty close, try doing that.

hi Cyborg Dragon and all,

thank you for trying to help.

Smooth tool is very usefull tool but not when you try to make curved surface absolutely flat. When you create 3d model from cube or sphere, this is not an issue. You just don’t need flat surfaces, but when you create relief starting to model from plain subdivided surface, this new tool is a must.

I didn’t find anything better then to switch to Edit mode, select needed peaces of surfaces with CTRLRMB, switch to side view and scale selected vertices along horizontal axis. This works, but quality of the result is very bad. Also this is a painful operation…