Scupts are disapearing!!

I finished making a complete sculp and was going try and rig up for some poses. Well, I switched layers for a brief second and when I switched back, the entire job I had just finished sculpting was all back down to extreme basic polygons I started on from using a base mesh I’ld created earlier. Not one bit of all that sculpting work I did was there anymore!! This happened twice now, and all took was clicking to either a different mode like edit mode or a different Layer…

sculpts are always dissappearing! (Switching to edit only shows the mesh, not the sculpt level and displacement)
But you have to check what you have saved.

Unfortunatly I hadn’t saved during that sculpt session of yet… When I went back sculpt mode, the entire thing was reverted all they way back to how I started with. However, after bit of trying figure out how get sculpt to return this apeared.

Has anyone had the problem of their mesh temporarily disappearing while holding down any brush, either with or without multires?
No clue what’s up?