Scyth ~ Motorbike

This was a collaboration with my friend He made this amazing model and I did all the texturing, shading, lighting and rendering. It was a pleasure working together, go check him out ^^
Anyway this took quite a while to complete (~30h on my part and a couple weeks for the modelling) and was made in Blender (900 samples ~4h render time for each still). The denoiser was not used, but I will rerender some stills with more samples and use it to get cleaner renders.
Hope you guys enjoy it even though there is quite some noise :blush:

Short animation

More still images:

Wow this looks amazing! The modelling is really good, can’t find anything that’s wrong with it and I also really like the glowing wheels, also the lighting in general is great as well the way you cut the animation. The noise isn’t as bad as you think, the animation could use a few more samples though. I wish I was this good, but keep it up!