SD Logo (C&C)

what do you think?

That looks pretty cool. What does SD stand for though?

Nice, do you think it would be better if we don’t see the SD logo from the start (we see a kind of transparant letters…), so the letters would really appear ?
Nice job.

Easten: An upcoming major freebie site called :wink:

Simon: yeah I dunno why that is showing. Shadows or AO I don’t know =S The object is set at 0 opacity and then fades into 100 at the end

Probably AO. Not sure though. By the way, I think it’d look way cooler on black, to increase the contrast, and maybe a camera pan to be uber fancy. I dunno. I’d go for a slower start as well, with a few particles going past, before they all start flying past seemingly at random until the letters form at the very end, and then your logo fades in. Up to you.

very nice effect, needs a bit more of a wow factor, maybe give the “fire?” some sort or vortex or spinning motion and make it a bit faster, i dunno. might give the logo itself some sort of glossy brushed metal look?..just personal taste there though.

Thanks guys, both good ideas.

Nit: Good idea about the particles but I dunno how I’d do that :S

Here is another version: