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Most problems with ceiling fans that have a controller are usually due to the controller. They have a solid state switch that switches the 120 volts line voltage on and off 60 times a second. That’s a tough job. Anyway, they have a really high rate of failure
The light bulb blowing probably caused a short circuit for an instant and damaged the controller. Surges in current or voltage will do that. The controller probably needs to be replaced. The remote is probably OK.
If it was and you have already tried replacing the batteries in the remote. You will have to get a new one. This system uses the same circuit as a wall controller with the added complexity of a little computer, it’s power circuit and a radio frequency circuit. I’m sure it’s susceptible to the same high rate of failure as described above for wall controllers.
What is it, it is a transformer mounted inside the fan canopy the remote works it, all on the same circuit. When dimming the lights and fan speed alot it wares down the unit. Some people on wall dimmers, instead of turning it off completely they will just dim it down. This creates heat and causes the unit to fail. When not in use turn remote off if equiped with an on and off feature, this will prolong the life of a dimmer as well as a fan control.


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