[ SDC - Girl from Ref ] - [ 30 Minutes ]




All are good, but frieds really stands out to me.

Fried and Nikolaus: You’ve both got quite distinctive styles, i dont’ need the names anymore really.

glad you guys like thanks :smiley:

Damn it fried why do you have to be so greedy when it comes to skill? Pass some my way :wink:

double post - _ - woops

Blendign user: I’m sure you know this, but I think a lot of it has to do with practice. go take a look at his sketchbook thread.

Fried: nice work as always, I like your style.

Nick: I’m really enjoying seeing you progress with each of these, there’s a notable improvement.

caldiar: props for trying color in 30 min.

thanks. Was trying something new that round and tried blocking everything out in just color without doing any preliminary line work.