[ SDC - Punk ] - [ 30 Minutes ]



(Protocoldoug went 5 minutes over, btw)

Why are you guys concentrating on traditional art lately?

I know, sure seems like we’ve been doing more SDC’s than SMC’s. Fried and I are probably some of the more active members on the channel… And I think both of us love doing SMC’s, but… the bonus with SDC’s is that there’s never a technical hang up. Like… with the SMC’s, if you get stuck on something technical it can eat your time really fast. SDC’s, you get an idea, and… nothing stops you.

Anyways… I think it’s a meter of the personalities we’ve got hanging out in the channel at the moment. We get a diverse slice of technical people, artsy people, and every mix inbetween.

If you wanna see more SMC’s… come join the channel, gather people to do an SMC, and present a topic. More often than not, people will join.

Fried and I are also working on portfolio sites, and… I don’t know about him, but, I’m trying to increase the amount of traditional art in mine.