[ SDC~Space Girl Pilot ] - [ 30 Minutes ]



just call the topic sexy girl nexttime :wink:

nice entries guys! …bummed i missed this one.

quack_ nice job with the color, and nice shading on the legs to create depth. fried, you are improving all the time man, this is a good one.

look out for the foreshortening guys. fried your foreshortening is really good on the legs, like that one leg coming towards the viewer is good, and same with the leg going back. if her hand/arm on her breast was a little smaller man, that’d really be pushing some deep space. nice work. quack_ the same man, if that right arm (as we view it) was getting bigger coming towards us, it’d help your space too.

anyways, killer job dudes, hopefully i get in on the next one!

I thought 30mins was enough time for me to colour the whole thing, but apparently not. Drawing people is not exactly one of my strong points and I can see that I messed up the proportions a little and also her face is a bit cross eyed lol. Draw monsters next time lol.

Thanks Protocouldoug for the tips :), I actually made my drawing in like 10 minutes cause i kept restarting, i probably would have colored mine.
Monsters are allways cool to draw quak :smiley: we’ll have to SDC some for sure.