SDF Procedural Textures - upcoming cycles feature (hopefully)

Thanks for feedback. I’m still updating the patch albeit slowly!

It looks really good so far - looking forward to this making it into master. Great work.

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"Yes! Master ",
I really hope it comes in, since this truly is an amazing tech…
I believe in you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there anything in that SDF toolkit to make better procedural fractures? The voronoi noise creates variable separation width between cells which makes lines variably blurry and size of cells is also too variable. I want to get more consistent look.

The new SDF nodes do work with existing procedural textures - but whether they can be used to do what you are asking i’m not sure.

These are brand new nodes and as with any new Cycles node, the full capabilities and what weird and wonderful new materials they can be used to make is still unknown.

The best thing to do is download a build that incorporates them and start playing as at present there is very little information or documentation to go on (its one of the reasons I started this thread).

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