Sea Anemone - WIP (problems)

I was playing around with the particles/hair settings again, and was trying to create a sea anemone without much success. Is there any way to make the strands appear more round like tentacles? TIA.


Yes, in the material settings there is a button called strands, press that and change the shape to any positive number to make it rounder, to make it spiky the shape number should be a negative.

I know what you are talking about, but that only changes the tips of the strand. I want the particles to be like extruded tubes. Is this possible using particles?

Hmmmm… Sea anemone…
Now that would be a nice challenge, to make an animated one a bit like in the DVD menu of “Findng Nemo”

Particle stands tubular? I think not. The geometry of the stands is plane based, the “spikier-rounder” option is in reference to the “plane” geometry and not tube closed mesh (I think I might be right) :smiley: :expressionless: