Sea at night WIP

Crits and comments desired :smiley:

Looks good. Maybe a little more roughness on the surface of the ocean? Right now it looks almost like velvet.



Moon looks good. Is the moon a sphere or a circle?.. and if it was a sphere how did you get the image to map onto it?

Agree with b01c about the smoothness of the sea. Possibly another texture needed here?

The place where the sea meets the base of the cliff-face - it would be nice if you can get the effect of breaking waves

Thanks guys!

GCat: the moon is simply a plane with a picture of the moon along with some alpha. As for the sea I think you are right… I will add another texture.

I didn’t intend to make the impression of a cliff face, I meant for it to be just a regular sea… maybe I should exted the sea’s plane farther.

You need to improve the lighting of the rocks.

Hey, looking good. Nice use of displacement on those rocks ;).

The sea does indeed look like velvet, but I like the effect. Perhaps an ever-so-slight bit of roughness, perhaps a simulated breeze or something. Keep it up.

Very nice. I think the general brightness of the sky may be right for a full moon, but it would be darker at the horizon. And I would like for the moonlight to reveal something, like a fish underwater, rather than have the moon as the subject of the composition.