Sea Cave

First encounter on making environment stuff, it is much difficult than I thought.
I try to make a sea cave by mixing from many reference I found on Google.
Any idea how to make it look more realistic?
Soft: Blender, Quixel Mixer.




Add some mist to get a blur along the horizon

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Thanks! I will test it.

What strikes me is: “the arches above the cave will cast shadows.” The area in the foreground of the picture will grow “quickly” dark. Check reference photos. (By the way, a post-processing Z-depth gradient might be a quick way to effectively “cheat” this …)

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Some foam on the water touching the stones and some light reflection from the water ripples would be a nice touch, also maybe some slight blue tint on the interior of the stone arch

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you could also pool up some of the water in the little divots of rocks near the edge, kinda like its accumilated from the waves splashing against the rocks