Sea Creature "Archinale"

C&C’s plz :wink:


I don’t think the hair(?) looks good, or those streaks from the top right (both post-pro?), but otherwise very nice.

Lol yes its hair or to be more specific hair bristles :D. My original design dint have them but i added them later cause the image was lacking and i think it adds a great element although it should be tweaked more i realize.

Everything was made in blender2.4a2 so those streaks are actually a halo with lines i have a spot shining on the creature so i wanted to use the halo feature on the spot with halo step but it doesnt show untill it is over the creature wich just looks odd.

I am far from finished and still need to learn alot since i havent made many renders (this is my second render post) so any more C&C’s would be very welcome.

Thanks lonesoldier :smiley: