Sea Creature (first post)

Hello Everybody!

I’ve been lurking for a while now and have deemed it the time to register and start my first project.
I downloaded blender about a month back more to see what it was than anything else, and was pleasently surprised that I found it awesome.
so without further ado here is my first project.


ummm…it’s kinda simple :D…you started modeling it right, with mirror and subsurf modifiers, a lot of beginners get that wrong. There’s really not much I can say, maybe you can tell what you’re aiming for: what the creature should look like, and what the scene should be.

um yeah, wasnt aware that was a mistake,with the mirror and subsurf modifiers, im aiming for some sort of deep sea creature, streamlined and quick, and yeah i agree, it is simple, i’ll work on some detail.

also i was wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on doing some good even looking underbelly scales, if you know what i mean

maybe you should go with nessie… then you can get reference images too.

I think he meant you did it right, but that a lot of beginners forget subsurf & mirror. I’m not sure though.

appolo, welcome to the wonderful world of organic modeling. You’ve got a nice clean mesh for your creature, good work. He’s got two shadows, though, you might want to change one of your lights so it doesn’t cast shadows (hemis never cast shadows, and the others have controls). The texture on the light looks good for an underwater scene.

You can try procedurals for your underbelly scales (voroni makes good scale shapes) but your best bet is to become familiar with UV mapping and use an image texture.

Ok I have a question; how do I do organic modeling? What shape do I start with, what tools do I use, and how do I access those tools? I noticed that all these organic models always have curved edges between vertices. How is this accomplished? I really want to get into this for my scenes…

oh i see, misunderstanding there.
I will read up on Uv mapping now for scales
thanks orinoco and svennie

I’m glad to help, but you shouldn’t hijack appolo’s thread with these questions. It’s easy enough to start another thread titled “How do I get started in organic modeling?” in the modeling forum.

Quick update.
I added the fins and some teeth. I like the mouth but im not sure if the fins add or subtract from it, maybe ill do them in more detail later.
Will probably be rigging it next.
As always crits and comments appreciated.


The fins look cool, the teeth, not so much. Your sea creature has a sort of cartoony face, and the fangs detract from its slightly goofball look. Try varying the size of the fins, more proportional to the thickness of the body they are attached to: larger over the back, smaller on the tail.

Glad to hear you’re rigging it. The first thing I thought when I saw it was, “I’d like to see that animated!” :wink:

rigging it is referring to armatures right?

yes rigging is setting up the armature like bones and then weight painting the vertices to deform with those, i think

ok thanks :slight_smile: Armatures never work for me… though for some reason they decided to work just now when for no reason I put them in my stocking…

siMple but effective, and kinda cute!

good work!

aaaaaaaaaaaah, i hate this rigging stuff, well it’s a learning experience. If anyone has one can someone give me a link to something explaining it all and how to weight paint and whatnot.

Iliketosayblah: Thanks a lot!

i managed, more through trial and error, to get a rig that works, only it works very very badly, i’ll be uploading a video tommorow.

heres the test video.

the rig is very bad and the animation isnt that fluent, but all in all im pretty happy with it.

crits and comments really appreciated.