Sea Creature Form: First Ever Model

Hey everyone!

My names Stephen, I’m 23 and from Northern Ireland. Just thought I’d say hi since this is my first ever WIP, after having only started learning Blender seriously for 3 weeks now. I might have already got to know some of you from IRC. :slight_smile:

I was having a lot of difficulty in deciding what to make and got quite wound up about it. I decided to check out the new subdivisionmodelling forum and someone posted for me. It really made me feel more comfortable. Anyway, enough rambling, heres what I made:

All C&C are very welcome :smiley:

That’s a good start.
The creature needs some eyes :slight_smile:

Hey coderdave!

Its actually missing its whole head. I’m going to remove the front verts and attach a new head once I make it. It was only meant to be a form, not a proper model, but I like it so much I’m going to keep working on it. :smiley:

Modelling with Blender is great!

Your stealing my idea! Lol, just kidding.

If you draw out the basic form and then draw in where you think the edges will be (on paper) the scan it, it can make your modeling job a lot easier. For me, at least.