Sea Hare Low Poly - Edgeflow criticism?

The title pretty much says it all. I’m modeling this sea slug:
based off of this drawing:

I know edge flow and low-poly mesh building are not my strong points. I’m using subsurf 1 to round it out … can anyone offer me criticism, especially concerning edgeflow? Thanks in advance!


sea hare low poly.blend (339 KB)

I think you will need a loop cut where the thin part of his body meets the bulbous part, or it will be too undefined when you subsurf. Also, the correct name for this creature is ‘sea slug’, or ‘nudibrank’. Sea horses are those things that have a prehensile tail and they look kind of like a chess knight.
(edit) whoops, my mistake. I just noticed it says ‘sea hare’, not ‘sea horse’. I have never heard it called this, but I can see why it would be.

“I think you will need a loop cut where the thin part of his body meets the bulbous part”
> I totally agree, thank you! Also, no worries about the name thing … I appreciate you calling a criticism when you see it! Better to remind me of the proper name now than when the game goes onto production, heh!

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I believe that “sea hares” are a particular type of nudibrank. The ones I have seen (and played with) :yes: are purple, have a double row of gills along their back, and eject deep purple ink when touched… :spin:

Though this does bring up an interesting question… when trying to get a low poly but high realism model, is it worth sacrificing edgeflow to reduce the number of loops (and thus, unnecessary faces?)