Sea Lighthouse

Rendered with Indigo. I just made a little color correction on Photoshop.

It’s a lighthouse but it don’t have light. :slight_smile:

It’s a pretty cool render but it’s kinda…i don’t know…empty. Maybe if you through in a boat or some birds or something…It’s also a little noisy, but don’t you just love how indigo renders come out lookin’?

Hey it is good, but i agree with funky, its kinda empty. The lighthouse is pretty small compared to the whole scene. Other than that, good job!

Nice, it would be good for a Websiteheader

Nice water. I guess it is a mesh material with good texturing.

Wow, this is awesome. Though I guess adding a little bit of composition will give more life to the scene. Just a suggestion though.

Hey, by the way, I still haven’t had the time to do the making of. But I’ll let you know, that’s a promise. :slight_smile:

My suggestions would be these… and I would say the same whether it’s a photograph or CG: - Crop aggressively. - Avoid un-productive black space where the eye expects detail … in this case, “the rocks.”
Your CG-produced image has certainly passed the basic test of “being acceptable as a photographic image,” but “as a ‘photographic’ image” it falls short.

Fortunately, these faults are easily corrected. . .

Add a sun…

I like a lot your image, I don’t like so much the buildings for the lighthouse, I’d liked more not parallel walls and so on but it’s taste.

My advice: I’d add a fast modelled ship in the left side of your composition, it can be at the horizon so it doesn’t need a lot of details and it can solve the composition issue and make your image even more interesting :wink:

this picture is very soothing. personally I like the open space, it makes everything very calm. the whole thing feels surreal to me.