Sea plane.(Edit) Float plane

I was playing around tonight with this plane that started as a toy plane and came up with this.
Comments and suggestions?



That is a good airplane. :slight_smile:

Sea planes usually sit with just a tiny bit of the tail being lower (so they can take off)

OTOH I am not an aviation historian and that plane may be different.

Make your texture less plain if you can.


And if its a toy plane, you can put it in to bath not in to sea <just a sugesion>

What you’re modeling is actually called a “float plane”. A “seaplane” floats on it’s fuselage which is designed specifically for this. Not that I’m an expert on the subject, but I was corrected on this topic when I rode a float plane in Northern British Columbia last year.

Minor changes.

bigkahuna thanks for the correction:)