Hello everyone! ^^

Previously this project was known as Swampus Dragon… but since I still can’t do decent looking legs… I opted for something much easier for now lol! I still have to do the tail, I might put some form of a crest on the head… I would like some C&C of how it looks so far. BTW do you think the head looks too big for the thin body? do the fins look like they can support a sea serpent that big? or should I make them bigger? I might also opt to have a second set of fins to give off a feeling of a chinese dragon, only with fins instead… I might also consider putting hair to make it look more like a chinese sea dragon.

P.S. it may be a sea serpent, but I still might put it in a swamp scene hehe! or I might do an ocean scene for it too just to see how it looks… anybody remember the link for a tut that had a big whale looking reptile underwater? I really liked that scene and I might want to remake it for this project.

anyway… enjoy.

Looks good so far. But what I would say is go for what you were origionally going for. Sure you may not be able to make good legs but the truth is you just need more practice in that part.

but the truth is you just need more practice in that part.

Ouch LOL! j/k
I know what your mean though Kansas and you’re right… I just wanted to post some results since I haven’t posted in a LONG while lol! I guess you can call this a Sub-Porject of the original, I still have all the Blend finles of the original project and I’ll get back to making the legs soon.

Also… if you look at the model closely… I came up with a number of ideas to use with the head… you can do the sea serpent… or if I shorten the neck, I could make like a Velociraptor looking creature, or a lochness monster looking creature… didn’t notice the appearance was that flexible till recently >.< but after I finish this quickie project, I’m gonna go finish the original project I intended ^^