Sea Serpent

I’ve been working on a sea-serpent/eel/worm/goa-uld thing. Started yesterday when I doodled up a sketch on a Post-it note during a slow moment at work! I got the inspiration after looking at a book on the making of the new Beowulf movie. No head yet!

I’ve been looking at some reference photos of snakes, but the idea for this animal is that it has a mammal-like ribcage (the bulging part), a snake-like back end, fishy fins, and a leaf-shaped tail. No arms.

Feedback welcome!


It looks like you’ve got some problems with the subsurf. When doing organic modding (like you are here) try to use a little tris as possible. Also, some wireframes would be helpful.

The concept is cool though. The fins on the sides look pretty good.

I don’t think the SubSurf is faulty. Looks more like a quick render and Blender sucks at properly lighting SubSurf without major help from outside :wink:

I’m just starting on the head. I’ve drawn the lines over the attached images for reference.


Great job on the thin membrane of the fin things. Are the fins separate or attached to the main body?

Hey! Here’s a screenshot of the head mesh.

At the moment, the fins are not attached, but eventually they will be. I tend to model different body parts as separate objects and then eventually join them together.