Sea Urchin Ceramic Vase

This is a personal project produced in my spare time.

During quarantine i was so bored at home. I noticed this little colored vase i i said why not to replicate it in 3d?

So i started sculpting it in Blender 2.82

First i blocked out the shape and then i started adding more details. For this project i did not do any kind of retopology as i am lazy in retopo =P, instead i preferred to work with multires modifier in order to reduce the mesh as i wanted to have a lowpoly version of the item in a simply way!

Modeling,sculpting, lighting in Blender 2.82
All renders were done in Cycles, but in 2.9 version!
Texturing in Substance Painter
Postproduction in Affinity Photo

Hope you like it!