Sea Waves - multiple waves on same object

if you ut two waves on the same plane

you get an additive mixture of the two waves

but how can you select between the two waves and do some modif on either waves to make adjustments ?

Just modify the values of each wave in the Modifier tab. Click the two Edit Mode buttons in the modifier tab to see your results in edit mode.


What you mean two edit button ?

i made a new file

after playing with i got two waves not certain what i did for that

i’ll play more with it

there is a little black arrow on the left side of each wave

but you need to increae the size of the button window to see it appears under each other !

The COG PDF seawaves is not updated for the 2.41 version
and this mixed up everything


Those arrows just collapse the Modifier tab (same as for all tabs). Look where it says “Wave” and click the 3’rd button on the right (Edit Mode) and a new button will open (Edit Cage for Subsurfed mesh).