The better distance to look at is to move eyes a bit far from monitor.
Any comments is appreciated.

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I’m confused. Is the second picture your reference? And is the first picture the one you made?
If so,

you need a sky to mirror.

Here’s a Blender water tutorial that explains the properties of water.

Here’s a collection of sky textures. The resolutions are really high.

It looks great, actually. The style is nicly taken from the picture you have, and you picked a good style, too.

HERYMOP, the two picture are same one, the second is added with world map.

Thank you for your help by showing turtorail of water, I just read Cog’s turtual before that. I like it.
BTW, sky text is greate. It’s very kind of you!

One page you might want to check out is .You can find excellent sea tutorials there.

<edit>Oops. I should have read better. :slight_smile: </edit>