Seagull Acoustic

If you have seen this in the WIP forum the last few days you will know I’ve had to go through many times of changing and perfecting this. I decided to just leave it this way because I would say it is good and I’m tired of changing it, lol. Anyway, here it is, it is an internal Blender render and the only post pro was the seagull symbol. Anyway, I would still like comments on it and may consider changing it if anyone has any suggestions. :smiley:

in the upper right sectoin of the giutar has a differnt matterial/texture and it looks differnt than the rest of it. Thats one thing that i noticed while looking at it

Yeah! another Seagull owner (I’m assuming)! needs a little more work on lighting/material…lookin’ good so far!

Looks like good modeling and texturing. Turn up the samples on the AO to get rid of the grainy look.


good moddeling/texturing