Seagull animation

(RipSting) #1

I’m animating a new logo for the college of oceanic and atmospheric sciences. So I created a seagull which I’ll have dive down and try to catch a fish- at which point the camera will transition under water.

The following are a sequence of images that show the modeling & texturing process over the course of a 3 hours:

And here’s an MPEG video of a flight cycle (483K)

(macouno) #2

I’ve never seen a seagull fly that slowly unless there’s a strong headwind. I’d give her more speed. Not the flapping but forward motion.

(BgDM) #3

Maybe the seagull is soaring?

Very nice model. Excellent movement as well. All around good job!


(VelikM) #4

Thats really good! Correct wing movement even, nice job on the model. :slight_smile:

(S68) #5


pretty nice :slight_smile:

Yup, a little faster wings plese :slight_smile:


(sten) #6

yay…cool motion and nice textured !!

(kaktuswasse) #7

cool model,cool textures. But i don’t think the texturing of the sea and the movement is very realistic :-? They only fly that slow when there is a stron headwind, but then they move their flaps faster.
You should let him flap the flaps two or three times fast and then let him glide.

cu Henrik

(rndrdbrian) #8

Looking good Ripsting!

But, the gull looks a little bit on the fat side though.

Flatten his belly a little and it’ll look a bit better in my opinion.

Don’t know if you have this website bookmarked Ripsting, but here are some Gull pictures:



(ndnchief) #9

As always, there is room for improvement, and I say that humbly, but beyond that, I think your work is most excellent. Great job on movement looks very correct, sure it is a bit slow, but that way we can appreciate the movement better… Man keep up the good work, most excellent work, A+ from me, I Like much…

The NDN…

(Detritus) #10

Wow really cool! But I think that the textures of number 6 is better than those on number 7… Really good model and textures. Are they hand-made?

(RipSting) #11

Yes I created the texture map and bump maps. But what I did was I got a good closeup of a seagull’s head from the side and used that. I did some retouching and modified it so it could be applied to the rest of the body.

A good animal to start with using this method is a fish. If you go here ( and download a picture of a fish, it’s very easy to apply the texture to a model with the UV editor.

While I was working on this I found that it’s VERY important to work from references. I had about 7 pictures of seagulls to look at while I was modeling this. If there aren’t any pictures of what you’re modeling, then do a quick sketch first. It will save lots of time in the end and you’ll get a better looking model. This is my first real organic model, but I followed those guidelines.

(GemaRastem) #12

It is really nice but I agree with the speed of the gull and the water needs a bit of work but it looks really nice. If it were soaring it wouldn’t be flapping so make it go faster

(basse) #13

love the model… great looking textures, except wings… but the animation itself… the actual flying of birds is much more complicated than simple up/down movement of wings… I dont have any reference to give you, sadly, but… much more movement to everything :slight_smile:


(valarking) #14

o…k 6 and 7 are the same, cept that 7 has wingfeather textures.

about the anim,
when the wings go downward the feathers close tightly, and when the go back up, they open up, that makes it look at lot more realistic, but will be hard to implement. i believe a slow motion look at birds reveals that the tip of their wings is moving in a figure 8 whe thy flap, not just stair up and down. they also only flap when they get started out or need more power, the way birds “fly” is by gliding, flapping is powered flight (the flapping is like a propellor on a plane) , but requires too much energy from the bird.

(Detritus) #15

Exactly what I was talking about. The wing textures at number 7 looks blocky and unrealistic, while the wingtexture at number 6 looks more smooth and organic to me. Though it´s not very realistic either since it hasn´t got any feather pattern…