Seagull in flight

Hi, I want to model a seagull inflight and then later put the armature onto it. I haven’t tried yet but I’m pretty confident about the armature of the bird, but I don’t know how to model the bird itself.

Does anyone know a good tutorial I’ve missed or does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks so much!

Not enough information.
What is the purpose of the model? Are you going to do an hour long video about how the feathers move when it flies or is there going to be a flock somewhere in the background? For the first purpose you would want a high detail model and for the second any flapping plane that holds a color will do.

It will be in the foreground, its feathers don’t need to move (I want to make a low poly effect), it won’t be part of a flock and it’s a short animation.
Thanks for your reply!

well just take a bird photo for reference and model from that, you dont need a specific tutorial on how to make a bird, just find one that teaches modelling

There is a tutorial about modeling a seagull. It is german, so you may need to activate english subtitles.