seagull (photography)

i saw this strange wire that crosses this lake,and i got inspired.waited till the moment a saw this seagull and then shooted.
the result is this strange photo,some nice hills,the lake and the seagull over the wire. :slight_smile:

Is there a reason that you shot this in black and white?

yup,the reason is that the contrast in the hills looks much better in black and white. + i love black and white photography.
colors are fine too,but for some subjects only.

cheers leon.

There is a symmetry in your photographs that is unsettling. Having said that I think this one’s kind of cool. The hills really make it.

I really like the contrast within the hill’s and I also love the sea.But the seagull seems kinda like a boomerang :stuck_out_tongue: Nice job…

:slight_smile: actually the seagull have both wing down in this shot.