Seagull - update : human friend

Well, a bit shy to post this, first time on the forums and most of the work here is just GREAT…
Well, anyway, here goes: this is test of a Seagull for a short animation. Major modelling done, still no detail. Some of the wavyness is intentional (as on the beak) some isn’t. Just got too many leftover triangles to sort out for the subsurf to work without artifacts. Texturing to begin soon.

And a small shot of the scene.
It’s an island scene, main action around the lighthouse. All WIP!!

And your work is great also so please stop with your shyniness :wink:

Modeling style is very interesting, and the eyes of the seagull is strikingly good! Very toon-like, I love. I hope to see it textured very soon :slight_smile:

Your island is very interesting too, but I think that you should use Stencil in order to ease the transition between the textures (grass, rock, eart…) and/or that you use UV-mapping. You have a little too much Spec to my taste, but it could be fine according to the style/effect you want to achieve. moreover, a very faint refelction+bump map on the water will be cool too, but perhaps it won’t match the style you are after so feel free to discard this comment.

Really, you don’t have to be shy about posting such work here. If you feel it’s ‘crap’, then it’s certainly first class ‘crap’ most of us would be happy to produce too, lol!

Welcome to Elysiun and looking forward to seeing more works from you.

Closeups of the Lighthouse hill:

Thanks for the tips,
About the materials the UV is a good idea, with smooth transitions. When this was made, however, UV-texturing was still a mistery %| . And I agree, spec is too high for grass and rock. Depending on the “feel” of the Gull character after texturing, the island materials will change so that it all blends in the same style.
The water will need some wave-like effect, so that we see some specular reflections rippling around.

very very nice. keep up the good work.

I think your modeling style is really great!

the grass looks very nice, keep it up and good work !

I agree about the grass. If you don’t mind telling, how did you make it?

Just one thing… It (the grass) seems really big compared to the lighthouse and road. The effect it has looks really cool though, so you should probably keep it t hat way.

Nice modeling on the seagull, can’t wait to see it textured!

The grass is courtesy of a script called Fiber:

There’s another script that I know, similar but best for things like fur and feathers, called Beast:

The exaggerated scale on the grass is intentional, a Toon style grass. I think it’s ok for this wide shot, but on the areas that are going to be seen closeup some extra detailing must be done.
The gull is gonna change a lot, it has to resemble more a certain species of gull, and the eyes for example will be brown-black. Shame, I liked those bright blues.

So, keep those nice blue eyes. You have the freedom to do what you like, not what you should do.

Ow, the sea-gull is sooo cute! I love it!


The entire thing is very well done. The ground textures work very well. Great job there.

I think that the grass is actually a bit too ong for the scene. But if that is intended, the my bad. :expressionless:

Can’t wait to see you UV map that bird. It looks great.


The side of the seagull’s beak is rather messy and irregularily shaped, since the rest of the model conveys a rather clean, cartoony look this seems out of place.
The “cannon nostrils” on the beak also look seriously weird. Seagulls don’t look like that (though there may be a few kinds of birds that do). If you need it, this and this are nice reference images.

That looks very good to me - the lighthouse island is so smart! I think the ‘size’ of the grass is ok, it’s your design.

I agree with KDR_11k about the nostrils of the seagull - it was the only thing I stumbled across.

Good work.

Good, waiting the movie, I have allready my pop corn …

Nice scene :o

Nifty cartoonish modeling style, I love how you made the island, it looks like a fantasy.

I can’t wait to see what this ends up as. The style is great, that’s the kind of style I was thinking about when I decided to learn Blender. :wink: I like it a LOT and can’t wait to see what you end up with! Keep us posted.

Here’s a portrait of the real bird my model’s based on. It does need dark eyes, some reshaping and refining. The nostrils may be too much “shotgun-style”, but it’s one of the identifying features of the real bird.

Thanks for the reference and your comments, this is a very specific seagull. Lives in the Azores Islands, and the animation goes to a wildlife preservation campaign. This bird nests here and in October flies off to the ocean. On the first flight, many youngsters fly into shore lights (cars, lighthouses) confused. People that find them need to know what to do, and this is where my work comes in.

Wow! Very altruistic! Nice. I can’t wait to see the finished product. :slight_smile:

Been a while since last update. Well, started texturing.
Am building a feather tex from some photos I shot. All composited together and retouched. Will need a proper bump and spec map.
This image is waaaay too unfinished, but here goes.

looks good. especially the head is very well mapped.

Definitely great work on the texturing so far! Keep us updated. :wink: