Seagull - update : human friend

New image, now has wing (one wing…) ready. Beak and feet to be done.
Starting a dive for some fish!

VERY impressive. I cannot wait to see this thing when it’s done!!! Amazing work so far!


It’s done! Has Col, Spec and Bumpmaps and a few seams to tweak a bit (noticeable bitmap transitions), but it’s done.

I kinda like this little fellow…

Great work. The texturing job looks great. On the second image in the last post the beak looks too shiny. Also, I think you should make the feet a mixture of colors not just pink cause it just doesn’t look right.

Right, maybe the spec’s too high on the beak. As for the feet, well, this is a Pink Footed Shearwater, so…

I’ve posted a finished picture on the Finished Projects Forum, but is goes well here. Anyway the seagull may be finished, but the set and the other characthers are not, so this thread will continue to get news on this project.
Hope you like it! :smiley:

![ Final.jpg]( Final.jpg)

Wow. I would LOVE to know how you got those textures so perfectly. Absolutely stunning work!!!

The only thing that doesn’t look quite right is the transition from body to feet, but that’s pretty minor. This is a beautiful bird!

That is gorgeous! The realistic texture on a cartoonish model makes for a greate effect!

It looks like there might be some texture stretching on his head, just in front of his eyes. If it is you should take the time to fix it because this piece is too great to have a little imperfection.

I’m very much looking forward to your final product!

Your seagull looks GREAT! But, I think you should bring back the blue eyes. He is obviously rather toon styled, so you shouldn’t care whether he is perfectwith resspect to the reference. The blue eyes really made him cute!


WELL DONE, fine birdy, textures are great !!! looks very very nice, maybe not super realistic (missing feathers getting out of the body) but very COOL nice to look, and it feets to this character in 100%.

i agree with jts01, the connection of foots and body is not real. Foots look like they were form another animal glued to this bird. (and maybe to plastic or gummy) There is something missing, “thig” (part of leg over feets). The rest is ok. Well done.

all superb exept for his/her feet

great work!

Thanks for the C&C.
I agree the feet may be out of sync with the body. The material is too shiny and needs some form of transition, maybe some loose feathers hiding the connection. Further: beak needs reduced specularity and there is some stretching in some places. And maybe a loose feather here and there could be nice. Still it has to fit in the rest of the scenery (look page 1) and not be overrealistic.

No images, Photobucket is down for a while.

Stupid photobucket! I love the pictures in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gull now has a friend. First human character.

Sweet! This is going to be an excellent animation!!! I’m excited to see more. :smiley: