Seal of Light - New Video

I wanted to capture the graphics of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts. If anyone would ask, I’ve already written my story so no problems there. I noticed that when I do something I don’t really like. Kinda like the Ratchet and Clank gameplay I went for. It just ended up being a gimik and me giving up and starting all over again. I guess I need to change that attitude. So because I’m a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, I’ll base my gameplay to that. I guess whatever I do I’ll always be a fan of that. Fast paced and some RPG features.

Just changed the title for story changes.

Title: Seal of Light
Genre: Action-Rpg
Gameplay based on: Kingdom Hearts
Theme: Fantasy

Some changes in my character since the game will be a little school-themed. Just changed the outfit. I know that you guys will like the later one, but sometimes you need to sacrifice looks for a great story.

Good Design, I’d probably like to wear that myself! :} (partially)

Good your back and even better that you’ve organized your Ideas. Your Concept sounds much clearer now!

Brilliant, a new thread! You must’ve learnt so much from the first attempt that things will probably happen faster and easier, good luck with it, and remember to keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Glad to see youre back! This is your best beck design yet, really liking it. I would say its more of a windwaker style rather than skyward sword though. Good luck, I’ll definitely be following this, again :slight_smile:

the char looks alot better i like it. I had to restart myself many many times one thing i figured out is organization is extremely important unless you like headaches.

A new video! Hmm. Let’s see. I’ve done the opening cutscene. Did some dialog for the game. And that’s about it. This video is all about the intro to the story. Though, I haven’t got my dialog to the one where the letter shows up one letter at a time. I’ve had some problems to the script Agoose made me. I’m sorry for the bad textures, they are still a work in progress, especially the train(Yes! It’s a train!). Hey, if anyone wants to help me with the train, I’d gladly welcome it. I’m not a great texturer anyway. Uh. The game will be more school-themed. But will still have a Kingdom Hearts gameplay to it.

Not bad. The walking animation seems to rise up a bit, but otherwise, it’s looking pretty good. The train’s a WIP, so it’s fine. The chairs looks well modeled for the number of polygons, and the windows aren’t there yet (but could be, soon).

So cool! The concept is very awesome! Would love to see more! :smiley:

Have you done your own dialog script? If not, what script are you using?

And if yes, was hard for you to create the dialog script?

Thanks, the game looks really good, I hope to see this more advanced in some months :smiley:

Nice work, I know it’s a WIP but are to going to fix tiny bugs like the hands coming out of the pockets? Keep it up. :slight_smile: