Seamless Gravel Texture Tutorial

Hello dear Blender users!
This is my first actual Blender tutorial, first one with voice record.

I AM SORRY for very low sound quality. I used my mobile phone(old Samsung Java based phone) which has bad mircophone, because I don’t have any mircophones to attach to my computer aswell as I got no better phone. The voice is distorted and noisy in recording. I hope this wont anoye you, but remember: voice record can’t be reason to press dislike in this situation.

The video:

Don’t forget to watch in YouTube for 1080p! Please, leave a like if this is useful for you. Note that creation of this took more than 4 hours clear time - I didn’t except it to take so long:D

If you have trouble with audio it can be worth buying a cheap mic. Just not too cheap, the first one I got only recorded on the left channel of stereo sound and that was too quiet and distorted. Web cams often have a suprisingly good mic, or a gaming headset…