seamless loops

Fairly new to blender and having lots of fun but I don´t know if I missed some part of the manual. How can a seamless loop be made using texture co-ordinate offsets without having to use a back and forth type ipo seq. I would like it all be done correctly in the first rendering without having to use for example Premiere.
I tried many different combinations but don´t seem to be able to get the results I want ( one direction tex Z offset seamless loop ~ 15 sec )
I would very grateful for any help

Yes, if anyone has the answer to this, it’d be appreciated. Frankly I’m at a loss. I thought procedurals generally were calculated in a 3d volume (a cube) of dimensions 1x1x1, and that by changing a z-offset, you would end up translating the texture by one period.

Apparently that was not the case when I tried it.

My supposition then, is that one of two things is going on:

  1. I’m trying to think, which invariably ends up horribly horribly wrong - really bad things happen…
  • OR -
  1. The texture is non-periodic in any predictable way. I know some of the textures are so-called quasi-random, but I still would have thought at some point you’d have a periodic function.

I find it kind of offensive in an unexplainable way that you would have to somehow create a morphed sequence between the last frame and first frame. I imagine that it can be done but would look really nasty.

Anyone else care to share their wealth of knowledge?


Can anybody tell me what I´m doing wrong or if it is at all possible to do what I want to do because I´ve been trying now different combinations for hours and to me it doesn´t make sense that a seamless loop can´t be built.

After reading he post a couple of times I think I understand your question, please correct me if I’m wrong. You want to animate the procedural texture spining around one axis so that the same pattern repeats with each revolution seamlessly.

A. the 3d procedural textures do not repeat as far as I know or if they do the period is very large.
B. Since the don’t repeat no amount of ipo fiddling will work.

I think the easiest way to animate the texture is to use an empty and the “object” material mapping (use the name of the empty). Then spinning the empty spins the texture. You don’t use the offsets at all.


A nice effect was to animate the texture ofsz by a 3d texture ( voronoi ) without changing the xy pos of the texture but not with a back and forth effect and then as a seamless loop.
Have seen this effect before but obviously with Blender it doesn´t work
Thanks all the same