seamless textures

I wanna make seamless textures to use in blender,I seen some programs , they all want to much money. I only want to do one thing make the pattern repeat, like cut the left so it fits the right .like a mirror reverse cut. anyone know a good program? I can’t Use Blender can I?

here the solution 100dollars are not so much I think. :)]


gimp is free

yes you can make seamless textures in blender, just add a new image, hit the tex paint button in the UV window, hit C to call up your paint tools and click ‘wrap’. now when you paint off one edge, your stroke continues on the opposite edge, giving you a seamless tile.

Thank you for the answers . I asked the wrong question . I did not understand the terminology. I don’t know if this can be done. I know nothing of scripts. I want a endless texture. One that repeats on a loop / forever.

2 How is it when you animate the blender texture on 2 axis it looks as if its changing shape?

Blender textures are 3d ?
Any way I wanted to make a continues textures
I see in the other post " procedural textures " I’ll google this and blender textures plugins