Seamless transition between scenes


here is a brandnew techdemo:

seamless transition between overlay and background scenes.

It is not completly ready yet and needs a lot of polish before it can be published. But the prototyp is done:

is it cool or is it cool?


This is a major step forward, but it cost me incredible headache.


Wow really sweet

Very nice.

Its super cool!
Hats off for Master Monster!

Fresh from the freezer cool! Look forward to seeing how you pulled that off!

hahaha, awesome monster, really awesome, congratulations!

That’s very impressive. So how did you come up with this idea?
Also, what other capabilities will come from this?

That is indeed very interesting. I would like to know exactly how the red and green cubes ‘cut’ each other - like it’s a portal, and not like they’re two separate objects. Looking very good, though.

maybe the cube just travel between the scenes and since each scene have a lamp, when it pass to the other the color automatcly changes

Thanks that you like it!

The idea is a result torakumsama’s request for help on “multi-scene synchronization”.

The basic idea is following:

two scenes:
Green - is overlay
Red - is background

Both have a floor at the same position, with the same size and orientation, but one is green and one is red.
Both have a camera at the same position, with the same size and orientation, but the green scene camera ends at lets say 7 BUs while the red one ends at 100 BUs.
Both have a cube at the same position, with the same size and orientation, but one is green and one is red. Finally the position, orientation and size does not really matter. Both cubes are ghosts.

Both have an invisible cube “master” as rigid body. Only one of them is active. The BGE starts with the green one. At each frame the position, orientation and size of the active master is translated to the coordinates to each scene. Here it is simple as the cameras are at the same position, orientation, scale. This means the cubes move synchron. You wouldn’t see the red cube if the camera of the green scene could see further. This is because the green cube always hides the red one. But behind the green camera’s far clipping distance the green cube is cut out and not rendered. So the red one is visible ;).

When the green master hits an invisible portal the reds master gets activated.
When the red master hits an invisible portal the green master gets activated.

Both portals are at different position to prevent portal flipping.


I’m glad you could do that, in part thanks to me! However, I also hope that that’s not the end of it! I’m still waiting for an advanced synch script with the scale and offset as you proposed!
So far I’m in between using your wraping abilities, Raiders referential method and my(SolarLune actually) apply linear velocity!

In other hand, it relly looks cool!

It is a WIP. There are to many open issues to be published :wink:

amazing 0.o

Updated !

now I need to write documentation.
this will lift your game to a legend!